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Helping refugee children and families, who have escaped war and disaster, access their essential needs including shelter, food and water in Europe. Visit to find out what great work you're helping make possible. Registered charity no 1168435.
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Trump has already introduced so many hateful policies - illegally banning Muslims from entering the USA, suspending the resettlement of refugees, rolling back transgender rights, building pointless walls and a war on freedom of speech and journalism, cutting funding for family planing, cutting funding for climate change science, to name but a few.

It's easy to feel angry or just helpless, but there are also amazing charities out standing up for the people he's oppressing. The aim of #DonateTrumpsHate is to support these amazing people and their work.

Pledge just a few pennies each time he tweets and together we can make a very bigly difference. All donations are handled securely by GoCardless, one of the biggest online payment processors in the world.

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Please say hello and spread the word on Twitter @DonateHate
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Currently we're able to take monthly donations from UK and EU bank accounts in Pounds and Euros. If you're in another country and would like to help, please make a direct donation.

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Like all direct debits, you can cancel at any time just by asking your bank.

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All payments are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee. If you believe there's been an error, contact your bank for an immediate refund.

Who made this?

#DonateTrumpsHate is created by Jonny and Ronan with support from Donate4Refugees in the hope of turning some bigotry and hatred into some love (and money!).

I'm also helping people Trump's policies affect!

Great work! We'd love to support other types of charity, for example gay rights, environmental protection, family planning. Please get in touch via twitter!

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We don't do anything funny with your data. If you sign up to donate we just use your details to bill you each month. We have a full privacy policy here. Enjoy!

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